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our vision

Study with alliance education center and enjoy a truly amazing and fun-filled learning experience

One of our staunchest beliefs is that each and every child is special, each has his or her own unique talents and gifts in abundance, and each has the power to change their world for the better. As the frontrunner in the world of study with alliance education center, we see it as our foremost duty to develop the inherent potential and talent of each child, through our unique educational process. We believe that our work contributes greatly to the development of our student’s individual personalities and special skills, by allowing them to achieve their educational goals in a comfortable and enriching learning environment. To achieve this, our study method involves three key components; personalized attention to each student, easy and efficient knowledge transfer and the all-round development of our students.

our mission

We want to give your child the best just as you do.

The mission of tuition is to provide students with high-quality personalized tuition which could help them in achieving their educational objectives, thus bringing to fore the multitudinous skills and talents that lie deep within each and every child. We strongly believe that our tutoring courses would act as a basic foundation to transform your child into a more capable, strong and motivated individual in future.

Cutting Edge Educational Technology

We combine our unique teaching methodology with innovative new technologies such as the interactive whiteboard, projector and voice technology facilities. These new technologies facilitate student-tutor interaction and enrich the learning experience

Once a Month Parent - Teacher Conference/Meeting

We feel that a student’s parents play an important part in their education, and so we believe that it is vital that parents are kept abreast of the situation. Parents need to know how their child is progressing, if they are going to be able to give the right kind of support to them. For this reason, we offer a once a month private conference/meeting to our student’s parents. Using meeting Rooms/live chat tools, the parents and tutor can sit down to discuss their child’s progress, homework, strengths and weaknesses and anything else that either party feels is relevant .

Monthly Test

All of our students who study with alliance education center lasting longer then one month will be tested monthly. This way both tutor and student can see what progress is being made. Monthly tests will also serve as a good practice for the students, as they will be conducted under real test conditions. Students will be able to get a good feel for the style of question and test format, giving them the best possible advantage for when their real test comes along.

The Management Team

Our dedicated and highly qualified management team comprises experienced professionals from a variety of diverse educational backgrounds. They include lead tutors and specialist educators from many different schools and universities in the INDIA as well as management professionals who have the experience of working for India based companies in the past. Our incredible team of academics and professionals has contributed a great deal in our endeavor to become the dominant leader in tutoring, so you can be sure you are in safe hands when you study with alliance education center.